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  • Lela Edgar image Gallery

    Originally from Connecticut, Lela Edgar has spent the last 10 years in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry. Her work as appeared in Huffington Post and The Sun Magazine.

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  • Sketching a Movement

    Occupy Comix was launched to bring you the anecdotes, glimpses, pictures and critical stories and dreams of struggle occurring all around us.

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  • Better Off Dead?

    Social movements have a history of producing eye-catching protest art, the most famous example of which is Picasso's Guernica, created in response to the bombing of Basque Country during the Spanish Civil War.

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  • Under The Blue Tarp

    about the Under the Blue Tarp project, including the protestors' reasons for Occupying

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  • Beautiful Destruction

    Louis Helbig is a commercial pilot and self-taught photographer who shot the Alberta Tar Sands in the summer of 2008 and the winter of 2012.

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  • Graffiti Philosophy

    This three-minute video collage presents political and social commentary as related by public graffiti.

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    Photographed in February and March of 2012, photographer James Fassinger repeatedly visited the grandparents and retirees who were fighting a David versus Goliath battle in Ravenswood, West Virginia.

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