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  • May Day in the Bay

    May Day protest actions are planned across the country but many eyes are on the flashpoint of Occupy Oakland, where organizers say traditional labor and precarious workers will strike together for the first time.

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  • May Day in NYC: A Guide

    In solidarity with hundreds of actions happening across the country, members of Occupy Wall Street and the New York City community will be marching, educating, playing music, feeding people -- and striking -- during a 12-hour day of protest on May 1.

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  • May 1st and the "Troublesome Element"

    May 1, a worldwide day of resistance and revolution, is our day, and this is its story.

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  • Editorial: Vote Every Day

    Democracy is not simply speaking truth to power. It's something we do, that we can't ask for. Something like a rebellion. The idea is simple and yet it seems far off, like a dream. But this is not a dream. And it's not far off.

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  • Press and Elected Officials Sue Wall Street, the NYPD

    Lawyers on behalf of five elected officials and half a dozen members of the press filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging the City of New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York Police Department, Brookfield Properties and JPMorgan Chase are in violation of numerous civil rights, including the First Amendment right to free speech and assembly.

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  • Training an Eye on Occupy

    The world's biggest banks have been working carefully and methodically with police to gather data and intelligence on protesters ahead of May Day, the NATO summit and a summer of Occupy actions.

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  • Anonymous Issues Emergency Call to Action: "Phase II of Operation Defense"

    In response to Thursday's passage of the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, in the U.S. House of Representatives, Anonymous issued an emergency message calling on U.S. citizens to protest the latest anti-Constitutional legislation that will allow for detailed information-sharing about individuals between private companies and the government.

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  • School's Out for Occupy

    Occupy has caught young students' attention -- and some are planning to join the May 1 general strike.

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  • On May 1, Toronto's Out Sick With the Austerity Flu

    Though capitalism and corporate greed have infected much of Toronto since the late 19th century, its most virulent form, "austerity," has only recently turned into a pan-damn-emic. Time to call out sick!

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  • Disabled, but Not Disempowered

    Refusing to sit by and watch quietly as politicians shred their social safety net, more than 500 people with disabilities descended on D.C. last week from across the country. "It's worth getting arrested, it's worth dying for, but they're gonna kill us first because of the cuts," one of them said.

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